Garmin VS HR+: Broadcast

The Garmin Vivosmart HR+ (VS HR+) is the perfect fitness watch because it measures GPS, Heart Rate, steps, Intensity Minutes, floors, and pace. The purpose of this post is to explain workarounds for things that the Vivosmart HR+ does less than perfectly.

Broadcasting to Another Device

  • Problem: Your watch display is tiny. You may prefer to see your output on your cell phone. You will definitely prefer your cell phone’s display whenever you are using stationary equipment with a shelf and USB charger, such as a treadmill.
  • Solution: Broadcast in real time your activity to your phone. Here is how to display your activity on your cell phone:
  • Put your cell phone in Bluetooth mode with the phone’s screensaver set for at least 10 minutes. Make sure the phone and Garmin are paired. Make sure that your settings are such that both your watch and phone show the activity that you are doing (steps, floors, IM, miles, HR).
  • Open Garmin Connect on your phone.
  • For biometric data: Click your watch’s Start/Stop button. Select the gear icon. Select Broadcast. Your watch is now broadcasting to other Garmin devices (such as another watch or HRM). You will not be able to record activities on your VS HR+ while your watch is broadcasting to other devices.
  • For activity data: Plug your cell phone into your stationary equipment’s charger (optional). Place your cell phone on your stationary equipment’s shelf in such a way that you can see the display. Data such as steps, floors, and Intensity Minutes will be updated in real time on your phone. You can record an activity at the same time. For example, you can be recording a walk, see your heartrate on your watch, and see your steps and Intensity Minutes on your phone.
  • In intervals of less than 10 minutes, click a different page in Garmin Connect such as Challenges, then return to the My Day page. This clicking will deactivate the screen saver for another 10 minutes.
  • Conclusion: You can send your active data to another device, such as a HRM, bicycle computer, or cell phone. This can be useful if your other device has a bigger display than your watch.

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