Garmin: Skin Allergies

The Garmin Vivosmart HR+ (VS HR+) is the perfect fitness watch because it measures GPS, Heart Rate, steps, Intensity Minutes, floors, and pace. The purpose of this post is to explain workarounds for things that the Vivosmart HR+ does less than perfectly.

Avoiding Skin Irritations

  • Problem: The Garmin VS HR+ arrives with a very elastic band. The band is perfect for keeping a tight connection with your skin while monitoring your heartrate. However, the tight fit of natural rubber against your skin may cause rashes or blisters.
  • Solution: Use two Garmin watches. The only activity that you will monitor at night is your level of sleep. You will not need GPS, HR, or Intensity Minutes at night. Consider wearing an old non-preferred Garmin watch at night. Buy a 3rd-party strap for your old watch. Wear your old watch at night to let your skin breathe. Here is how to alternate two Garmin watches:
  • Follow the same steps as for avoiding TrueUp subtractions.
  • Conclusion: Never wear an irritating, tight, new, Garmin strap at night. Switch watches at bedtime to an older Garmin that has a non-toxic 3rd-party strap. Wear the strap loosely (ie, the old watch will be measuring your nightly sleep quality but best that it not be recording any scandalous Intensity Minutes). Be sure that only one watch is on at a time. Do the switch by sitting down, syncing out the 1st watch, turning off the 1st watch (or putting it to sleep if it does not have a power-off mode), turning on the 2nd watch, walking a few steps, and syncing the 2nd watch.

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