Garmin: Disconnected Bluetooth

The Garmin Vivosmart HR+ (VS HR+) is the perfect fitness watch because it measures GPS, Heart Rate, steps, Intensity Minutes, floors, and pace. The purpose of this post is to explain workarounds for things that the Vivosmart HR+ does less than perfectly.

Avoiding Disconnected Bluetooth

  • Problem: Garmin Connection reports “no connection” between your watch and cell phone.
  • Solution: Either your watch or your cell phone is not recognizing the other. You must change settings. Sometimes this requires turning one device on and off. Here is how to determine whether the disconnect is in your watch or phone.
  • Cell Phone: Your cell phone is unlikely to disconnect from your watch. Nevertheless, the connection is easy to check. On your cell phone’s setting, click “Bluetooth.” Under “paired devices” you should see Vivosmart HR+. If you don’t, verify that your phone has an internet connection. If your phone has an internet connection but no Bluetooth with your watch, then turn your phone on and off. If you still don’t have a Bluetooth connection, then follow your VS HR+ manual’s instructions for pairing.
  • Watch: Nearly 100% of the time, your inability to pair will be due to your VS HR+. There is no logic in why the VS HR+ has decided to not connect with your phone. You must click the Start/Stop button, then touch the Bluetooth icon. Touch the “Bluetooth Connected.” Cycle one time between on and off, ending with “on.” Wait for the “Bluetooth Waiting to Connect” message to revert back to “Bluetooth Connected.”
  • Conclusion: No connection between your VS HR+ and cell phone is likely due to a lost Bluetooth connection with your watch. You should not need to pair your watch again. You probably need to reconnect your Bluetooth watch to your Bluetooth phone. You may have to toggle your phone from on to off to on.

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