Links to Good Health


Daily Meal/Healthy-Eating: All things food.

Fit-pro: A site for fitness professionals.

GlobalNews.Ca/Nutrition: A Canadian news site, with a tab for nutrition.

Live Science/Health: Scientific and medical articles concerning disease and health.

Living Healthier Life: Aimee Reese’s blog on health.

Men’s Health/Fitness: Not particularly easy exercises, but the reward is much better health.

MSN Health: Microsoft’s health portal offers advice under the headings of fitness, medical, nutrition, today, trending, and weight loss.

Paso del Norte Health Foundation: Health articles concerning life in El Paso, TX. Many of the articles concern life styles within a city, such as the creation of public walking trails. Other articles concern parenting skills and lifestyle choices.

People/Fitness-Health: Body articles from People Magazine.

President’s Council on Fitness, Sports, & Health: The PCFSH provides guidance and metrics on American fitness. Guidance is by “chapters.” Metrics are by decade.

RealClearHealth: This site offers several health articles each day.

Time Health: Just the health articles from Time Magazine.

Topix/Walking: News on walking from thousands of sources around the net.

VeryWell/Living-Well: Tips on nutrition and fitness.

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